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Policy & Guidance


10th March 2017
Standard 1 page 26- clarified language around storage for vetting records.

9th March 2017
Standard 4 pages 8 and 9- clarified requirement to store information by DLP from advisors in relation to concerns about mental health concerns of respondent.

2nd March 2017
Standard 1 page 26- clarified language around requirements to store identity checks.

Standard 1 page 85- clarified language in relation to parents of all children being offered the option to be copied in to texts sent by Church personnel to children with their consent in exceptional circumstances.

21st February 2017
Standard 1 pages 85 and 86- clarified the use of texting and email with young people.

16th February 2017
Standard 7 pages 12, 20, 26 and 28 and associated templates- clarified language in relation to clerics/religious and clarified template in relation to Church personnel being given the opportunity to attend information sessions.

8th February 2017
Standard 3 - pages 13 - fixed error in reference to respondent under storage of records.

6th February 2017
Standard 3 - pages 12 and 13- clarified information relating to recording contact with the complainant.

1st February 2017
Standard 7 - page 31- reworded notification form and associated word template to include reference to Standard 1.

Standard 1 - page 26- clarified non storage of identity check for vetting.

Standard 1 - page 51- reworded consent form and associated word template to include reference to codes of behaviour.

26th January 2017
Standard 2- page 14- updated guidance on managing anonymous allegations of abuse.

20th January 2017

Standard 7- page 3- clarified role of safeguarding committee.

19th January 2017
Standard 1- pages 2, 13 and 1.1A Template 2- renamed from Volunteer Application Form to Application Form.

Standard 1- page 10- added in reference to possibly completing an adapted version of the Application Form for volunteers.

Standard 4- page 7- added reference ot confidentiality declaration.

Standard 4- pages 8 and 9- clarified inoformation relating to recording contact with respondent.

Standard 5 page 15- clarified length of registration process for trainers.

Standard 5 page 16- updated numer of tutors.

Standard 5 pages 11, 15, 16, 19, 20, 22,11 and 5.3B Template 3- updated Training Manager to Director of Training and Support.

13th January 2017
Standard 4 page 30- following feedback added the word reparation to second last paragraph.

Standard 4 page 39- Added new Template 4.3E Template 1- Example Notification Letter to Complainants on the Death of a Respondent.

Standard 4 pages 1 and 6- updated pages numbers following additional template being added.

12th January 2017
Word template 1.1C Template 3- has now been updated to match text in pdf version of Standard 1.

Standard 1 page 24- reference to CORI and IMU now replaced with AMRI.

Standard 1 pages 6,7- updated page references in table to match new contents of Standard 1.

21st December 2016

Appendix D- added contact details of all local gardai stations for reporting allegations which do not relate to clerics/religious.

Standard 7 pages 33-34- reorganised Template 7.1D to make report easier to use, and updated associated word template.

Standard 1 page 2- Reordered contents page.

Standard 1 page 29- Added advice on visiting seminarians to Guidance 1.1C.

Standard 1 page 39- Added 1.1D Guidance on visiting clergy and national/international shrines.

Standard 1 page 90- Clarified reference to written consent for adults when being web broadcasted.

Standard 1 pages 50, 51- Reorganised consent form based on feedback and updated associated word template.

25th November 2016
Standard 1 pages 20-28- Vetting guidance updated.

21st November 2016
Standard 2 Page 29- Error with the names of templates on this page has been corrected.

16th November 2106
6.2B Template 1 has now been updated so that details can be typed in to the word document.

21st September 2016
Correction to english, irish and polish version of the policy statement in Standatd 6 pages 11, 25 and 26 and associated templates.

Latest version of the summary policy and standards leaflet has been inserted in Standard 6 pages 20, 21 and associated templates.

26th August 2016

References to Co-operating to Safeguard Children and Young People in NI updated in Standard 2 pages 7, 28 and 41.

28th July 2016
Contact details clarified in Appendix D.

20th July 2016
Contact details in Appendix D updated.

18th July 2016
Error corrected on page 23 of Standard 2.


Policy Document

The safeguarding children policy document is now available to download by clicking here. This is an electronic copy of the policy and requires a number of fields to be completed to personalise the document to each Church body, for instructions on how to do this please click here.

If you require hard copies of the policy for your Church body please email or

Guidance has been produced on this page, for each indicator of the safeguarding policy, to assist with implementation. To access the guidance:
*Click on the appropriate standard box below
*The first link will provide a pdf version of all of the guidance for that standard
*Subsequent links under each standard contain all of the templates and forms in word.

Word Versions of the Guidance
Word versions of all the guidance documents are available electronically. If you would like to access these please send an email with which standard(s) you are requesting to

Relevant Guidance for Specific Roles in the Safeguarding Structure

To make navigating the guidance easier, the guidance has been seperated based on role and the type of Church body you are ministering in. To access relevant guidance for each role please click here.

Standard 3

Care and Support for the Complainant