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Director of Professional Standards

Role of Director of Professional Standards

The Director of Professional Standards is accountable to the CEO, for implementing the strategic goals and objectives of the National Board for Safeguarding Children in the Catholic Church in Ireland (NBSCCCI) and with the Director of Training and Support for assisting and advising Church personnel in the areas of policy development and best practice in relation to all aspects of child safeguarding.
In particular the Director of Professional Standards will support the CEO in developing policy and guidance.
  • To support the development of policy and practice guidance for adoption by the Catholic Church.
  • To offer best practice advice on all aspects of child safeguarding in the creation of safe environments for children.
  • To assist in developing quality assurance methodologies.
  • To support the Director of Training and Support in delivering training initiatives in line with the NBSCCCI’s training strategy.

Colette Stevenson

Presentation Sister / Former Director of Professional Standards

Colette has been involved in child protection work within the Church since 1995, when she became Director of the C.O.R.I child protection office. Previously she worked as a teacher and later in retreat work. She is a qualified marriage and family therapist. She recently retired from the NBSCCCI as Director of Professional Standards.